GHESS 3.7-4.8-SL Energy Storage System


Techinical DataGHESS 3.7-4.8-SL (expandable)
System Parameter
Nominal Capacity [kWh]4.8
Usable Capacity [kWh]3.84 @80% DoD
Number of Battery Modules2
Installation TypeSeparate-mounted
Warranty [year]5 - 10 (optional)
Grid connection1-phase
Life Cycle6000 @80% DoD
Input - DC (Battery)
Max. Charging / Discharging Power [W]2400 / 2400
Operating Voltage Range [V]40 - 60
Max. Charging / Discharging Current [A]50 / 50
Input - DC (PV)

Max. Input Power [W]


MPPT Voltage Range [V]

125 - 530

Rated Voltage [V]


Max. Current [A]

2 * 12

Max. Shorted Current [A]2 * 15
MPP Tracker2
Output- AC (Loads/Grid)

Rated Power [W]


Output Voltage Range [V]

180 - 276

Max. Current Output [A]


Power Factor with Rated Power

[-0.9, +0.9]


Output - AC (Backup Power)

Rated AC Power Output [W]


Rated Voltage Output [V]

Rated Frequency Output [Hz]50
Round-trip Efficiency (Include Batteries)94.6%

General Data

Operating Temperature Range [℃]-10 to +50 (>45 derating)
Relative Humidity≤95%  (no condensing)
Altitude [m]≤2000
IP Protection ClassIP 20 (indoor)
CoolingForced air cooling
Noise [dB]<45
InterfaceCAN / RS485 / WIFI
Dimension (W * H * D) [mm]

515 * 660 * 172 (inverter)

500 * 600 * 245 (battery cabinet)

Energy Management SystemsGMDE EMS
Certification & StandardG83/ 2 (UK), VDE-AR-N 

4105 (DE), AS4777.2 (Aus), 


Protective Devices
AC Short-circuitY
DC Reverse Polarity ProtectionY
DC SwitchN
Surge ProtectionY

Optimize Energy Use

Solar Self-consumption

Clean Backup Power

GMDE energy storage system enables you to participate in utility demand response programs and control your electricity consumption during seasonal peak price periods. Using stored energy allows you to manage when and how to use your energy to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Conventionally the surplus electricity generated by home solar system is fed into the grid. However, most homes use a significant amount of electricity in the evening, after their solar panels stop producing. With GMDE energy storage system, excess power is stored in battery and clean energy can be used on-site even when the sun is not shining.

Backup power is a key benefit of GMDE energy storage system. Solar systems won’t work when the grid goes down. With our solution, you can use your solar power when there is an outage with backup power being recharged every day. With sustainable backup power, you rely less on the grid and have an eco-friendly alternative to a fossil fuel burning generator.

Say goodbye to peak energy rates


At daytime:

After supplying power to meet the loads demand, your system is charged by the sun. When your system is fully charged, excess power is fed into the grid.

At night: 

Your system works throughout the night. After your peak demand you can choose to replenish from the grid at off-peak rates for the morning.

When short of sunlight: 

Solar panels alone can’t meet the high evening demand. The system automatically supplies the shortfall by charging from grid.