Strengthened GMDE Sees You at Inter-solar Europe 2017

intersolar 展会.jpg

Intersolar Europe 2017, the most prestigious and impacted PV Fair around the globe, shall be held in New International Exhibition Center in Munich Germany from 31st May to 2nd June 2017. As the world-leading supplier for battery storage inverters and storage system solutions, GMDE will bring several energy storage products for a brilliant presentation.


Intersolar Europe, which is the most important platform for interaction among the industrial members and serves as a beacon directing where the industry will go, is, to a larger degree, a significant stage for showing our products to the world.

This year marks the attendance of exhibition fair for five years in a row (Booth:B1-616). It is with sincere invitation that we would like you to join us to discuss about the latest industrial trend and diagnose the most leading-edge solution plan.

GMDE, as one of the few companies into the development of energy storage system and battery inverters in China and other nations at large, sees its products emerge with strong presence by virtue of the technological innovation and smart energy solution in recent years. 

In addition to the world-leading PV storage inverter with its capacity ranging from 3 to 20KW, we will put on display the whole energy storage system solutions, enabling the maximizing of the self-utilization rate for residential users. This system is also featured with peak shaving functions.

System Features


  • Small Residential Energy Storage System with on-grid and off-grid integration, ranging from 3.7KW to 10KW.

  • 5-7 year Warranty for the System

  • An device for switching from on-grid to off- grid mode is available internally when there is a power outage

  • Cabinet Design with Lithium Battery Facilitates Installation.