Global Mainstream Dynamic Energy Technology Ltd.(GMDE) is established in 2011. It mainly focuses on the development, production and sales of high-quality, cost-effective energy storage inverters &  systems. We strive to provide highly reliable and efficient green energy solution worldwide, maximizing the value for our customers.GMDE's team, with high-education, creativity and responsibilty, drives the company forward.

  • One of the earliest companies certified by TUV to enter DACH(Germany, Austria and Switzerland etc.) markets in 2012. 

  • In 2013, with 18kW PV inverter ranking 1st among same power range in Asia, tied for 7th with German brand Siemens in the PHOTON performance test worldwide, which lays the foundation of high conversion efficiency.

  • In 2015, one of the Top 3 chinese companies awarded with “Star of TUV Rheinland”  given its superior PV storage inverters.

  • In 2016, assessed as the yearly most investment-worthy company in energy storage industry at the Battery Storage Conference held in Shenzhen. The innovative project “A Detecting System for Second-life EV Battery” was funded by Shanghai Development and Reform Commission in 2016. 

  • So far, GMDE has 31 energy storage related patents,  including 12  patents for utility models and 5 patents for inventions. 

GMDE Parent Company-Zhonhen Electric

Founded in 1996 and listed in China Stock in 2010 (Stock code:002364), now Zhonghen Electric is the leading manufacturer of intelligent integrated power supply, electrical power supply (EPS), communication power supply, high-voltage DC(HVDC)  and solution provider in China.

  • Leading power electronics manufacturer in China.

  • Top ranked supplier in China to provide customized & all-in-one solution in energy and communication engineering. 

  • Customers from various fields such as communication, power, alchemy, petrochemical, IT, financing, renewable energy etc.